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Software is a creative endeavor. It requires the full dedication and commitment of everyone involved, including developers, testers, business analysts, DevOps engineers, graphic designers etc. It is only when every team member internalizes the objectives of the team, as their own objectives, that they all give their personal best and achieve optimal results.

Sia Soft is a company founded by a closely knit team of software development experts and business veterans. We take full ownership and pride of our work and results. Whether it is working on our own products and solutions, or on our customer's projects, we take action and give our creative and constructive input, in all our collaborations. We help our customers become leaders in their segment, by acting as an integral part of their team, fighting their battles, as if our own. We provide insights and ideas on both the technical, and the business front, bringing the cumulative value of our team, to every customer we engage with.


DNA of Quality and Expertise

We build software. From processing online payments, to controlling high-precision ionizing radiation in particle accelerators. From enabling the world's largest digital health community, to securing communications for governments and militaries. Through all verticals and domains, there is one common requirement - Quality.

Quality emerges from Expertise and Diligence. We bring the accumulated experience of a team that's been working together since 2010, with a hard-working mentality that propels us forward. Like the two intertwined helices of DNA, we bring Diligence and Expertise to their ultimate conclusion - Uncompromising Quality.


A House of Knowledge

The Sia name comes from the personification of perception and meaning in the ancient Egyptian pantheon. Sia was the Egyptian god of knowledge, cognition and writing. We share this understanding of knowledge as a fundamental element of progress.

Today, more than ever, technology is fast evolving, in an ever accelerating pursuit of invention and disruption. At Sia Soft, we persistently dedicate time and effort, to keep track of this unstoppable wheel of technological change. We apply novel modern designs and architectures, and up-to-date technology stack selections. It is not just about following trends though, and the latest shiny tech is not always the best fit for every use case. 
This is where seniority and expe-rience come into play, in identifying the most suitable tools to cater to each specific customer requirement. Optimal technology stack, design and architecture choices are key to converting your software development efforts and investment, into market ready products, generating value for you and your customers.

We openly discuss with our partners and clients, towards identifying optimal solutions for their particular needs, as well as providing clear and precise insights on their existing code base and due diligence on their projects and internal processes.

This is made possible by our internal process of continuous knowledge exchange, and investing in and nurturing our talents and tech passions. With close ties to the University in Skopje, it always makes us happy to welcome bright new talent to our ranks. Professional development in IT never stops, and every team should always find the time to "sharpen the axe".

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