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Digital Transformation Challenges

Innovation is a key ingredient for any successful business venture.

Complacency and lack of innovation is the harbinger of doom for even the best established companies. Today, digital transformation is one of the most prevalent driving forces for improved efficiency, scalability and effectiveness.

Our digital transformation support comes in multiple flavors:


Team as a Service


We can provide an integrated software development team and can work as part of a bigger organisation, or autonomously execute on well defined requirements.

Flexible capacity to complement your team


We can scale quickly and provide the capacity required to handle fluctuations in demand at our customer.

Once you successfully evolve your business model into a digital strategy, your company is ready for the next step - become a lean and mean business machine!

Provide dedicated technology specialists


Fill in missing specialistic positions in your organisation, or ask us to act as an experienced knowledge partner for your team.



Due Diligence

Technology is a business instrument


Thriving companies are built on more than just a good idea, a fantastic contract or a savvy entrepreneur. To become and stay successful, they also require an understanding of the possibilities offered by the latest technology. This includes true understanding of architecture, design, scalability and work methodology. Moreover, they need a team that can execute accordingly.


We work with investors and venture capital


The tech sector is growing at breakneck speeds, but only a fraction of tech investments is successful. All too often, we see venture capitalists conduct in-depth financial and contractual due diligence combined with minimal, if any, technological due diligence. We believe technical due diligence is just as necessary, and can significantly reduce the risk of failure!


We work with start-ups and scale-ups 

We have pitched for investors and at startup events ourselves. We know how challenging this is. We regularly meet entrepreneurs who pitch truly great ideas and products, both as start-ups and scale-ups. In most cases there is still quit some work to do to make the idea or product fly, while the pressure is on. We can help by bench-marking your technology & methodology and provide the expertise and execution power you need. We know what to do and how to do it!


The Lean Business

People are at the center of every company. People should be the mind, the driver at the wheel, while technology is the body.


With every passing year, companies have an ever growing tech toolbox, that is both driven by the people, but also increasingly drives their daily work life. This increasingly prevalent human-technology feedback loop makes us more productive, more aware of the bigger picture and the real business goals, all the while making the company slimmer and leaner.

Every job has:

  • Business and data inputs that need to be cleaned up before use

  • Internal processing: adding knowledge & interpretation

  • Output: actionable data

  • Interfaces with multiple other stakeholders and systems, that need to be properly established and managed

A job that looks like this, is ripe for digitization and automation, letting people instead focus on innovation, strategy and continuous improvement of results. Repetitive, pointless, dreary jobs should make way for creativity and professional fulfilment.


Digital transformation and Automation lead to improved efficiency, scalability and effectiveness, paving the way to higher customer satisfaction and increasing returns. 


We promote and implement solutions in the field of automated workflows (process automation, BPM), Data Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning.

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